east austin studio tour 2019

the doodles series


are a celebration of the spontaneous birthing of an idea.


you don’t always know where your doodle will end up, what it will look like, or if it will even convey the original idea you wanted to put down onto paper, but the joy of doodling and universal shared experience is worth celebrating.

akki is well-known for her doodles and designed the backdrop and props for this project completely by hand and based on original designs, to inspire others to take part in the fun!


A fun photo shoot experience creates a happy memory, gets you out of your comfort zone, and gives you awesome photos of yourself


- it also gives you the chance to collaborate on a unique visual that wouldn’t exist without your spin on things.

i work year-round to produce art-based photo shoot experiences around Austin, in order to highlight local art and give people the photo shoot experience. 

the doodle series 

Last year, we (Isra and Akki) worked together to produce the first installment of The Doodle Series for local Art magazine Almost Real Things. It was so much fun that we decided to participate in the East Austin Studio Tour for the first time together. We teamed up with Unit C and Shop East to reach a huge variety of guests. It was a blast and we had so much fun meeting all of the guests who stopped by. This project has turned into something much bigger than expected and is really important to both of us. 

click here to view the full collection of portraits. 

what's next?

Akki and Isra are brainstorming new ideas for The Doodle Series and East 2020, stay-at-home orders permitting. feel free to email us doodles in the meantime, and be sure to check out our doodle gallery!

Date: November 2019

Part of: East Austin Studio Tour

Collaborators: Isra Sharnez (photographer) and Akki Brathwaite (props and backdrop)