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hey you,

thanks for being curious.


my degrees in evolutionary biology and ethnic studies from the university of colorado never made it into any applications for med school (sorry mom, but o-chem is just not my jam), but did serve as important supplements to my natural love for curiosity, experimentation, critical thinking and going against the grain. 

and of course, there's the ole school of life - which no degree can replicate. as a young muslim woman of color with parents who immigrated from india, growing up in a brown-rural colorado household in post nine-eleven america was certainly... educational. it taught me (and so many like myself) to take up less space. to make myself smaller. to speak less. to feel ashamed about my dark skin and foreign parents. 

pursuing photography and artistic expression has always been (wether i knew it when first starting out or not) connected to my journey towards unlearning the notions that i don't belong, that i'm not worthy, that i should be small, or quiet, or invisible. i'm dedicated to exploring these notions through artistic expression, while inviting others to do the same.


it sounds dramatic, but i firmly believe every photo i take, every picture i paint, and every word i speak is an act of resistance to systematic oppression.


for woc, it's just the way we move through the world.


though it has not always been easy, i embrace it and am thankful for every lesson. 

now what does this have to do with my intentions as an artist?

my favorite people have always been those who help others.

those who share knowledge and ideas. folks who don't stop at themselves once they've figured things out. the teachers, the healers, the social-workers of the world.


that's why as i continue to pursue my un-learning and re-learning of the world, art, and creativity, i hope to share and empower others along the way. 

my work revolves around creating images and messages that are meant to inspire people of color to get active, take up space, be see, be heard, and be themselves, especially while pursuing creative and collaborative outlets. 



well that got deep!

if you'd like to know more, i'm always a text or email away. 

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