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"Divinities" (2019) 

A few months after participating in "Divinity" (my 2018 set up for Brown State of Mind), local artist Megan Baker approached me to discuss my work on "The Divinity Project" and begin planning for her August 2019 show, "Divinities". She worked with Austin-based fine art painter Rex Hamilton the same way I did to produce this backdrop, which was set up at Vesper on the opening night of her show, and invited me to take photos of her event's guests throughout the evening. These portraits were taken in front of Rex's beautiful hand-painted backdrop using studio lighting.


My intention with these was to expand up the original Divinity (2018) portraits while opening the project up to collaborators such as Megan.


Thus the hashtag #thedivinityproject was born.


Artists from all over the world are encouraged to use the hashtag when sharing art works which challenge the dehumanization and demonization of people of color and historically marginalized communities.  

Interested in collaborating or participating?

Read more about the project here

Date: August 2, 2019

Location: Vesper. Austin, Texas. USA

Collaborators: Rex Hamilton (Backdrop), Isra Sharnez (Photographer), Megan Baker (Event Producer)

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